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Volunteer Opportunities

Join our amazing group of volunteers as they transform the lives of animals

Are you interested in volunteering your time each fortnight to directly help an animal in need? 

We currently require volunteer dog walkers, dog trainers, weekend and respite foster carers and Care-takers at our facility in Kembla Grange.

If you'd like to help, please click on the relevant role for more information and to submit your application. Please note: only submit an application if you meet the requirements noted within the application.

Volunteer Dog Walkers

Why not join our team of wonderful dog walkers, get your dog fix and exercise while enriching their lives.
If you are interested in becoming one of WARN's volunteer dog walkers please click on the link below to complete the application. 


Volunteer Dog Trainers

WARN is committed to getting the best out of the dogs in our care, and as a result, use & promote only force-free methods focusing heavily on positive reinforcement. We set our dogs up for success, & reinforce good choices.

Have you had great experience utilizing positive-reinforcement methods? Would you like to see our dogs thrive and gain more experience and knowledge? 

Then we’d love your help! 

WARN are seeking volunteers to help provide basic & more advanced training to dogs in our care. 

Initial induction training and ongoing support is provided by The Dog Project

If you’re interested, please submit an application: https://form.jotform.com/WARN2014/DogTrainingApplication

Volunteer Weekend & Respite Foster Carers

Perhaps you're not one for commitment, or maybe you just prefer to test the waters before diving into foster-care.

A weekend slumber party or maybe a little mid-week pet cuddle pick me up might do the trick!

We are currently looking for volunteer members to join our weekend and respite foster care team. 

Its super easy to sign up and all we really need is for you to spoil them over the weekend or for a few days when you're available.

Please read to make sure you meet the requirements here: https://www.jotform.com/WARN2014/weekend-respite-foster-care

Volunteer Care-Takers

We have limited vacancies for voluntary care-takers to help with:

  • cleaning
  • administering medications
  • feeding and providing fresh water
  • laundry duties and dishwashing
  • providing enrichment & basic training

Please make sure you meet the requirements listed on the application

Successful applicants will be contacted to attend a training session.

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