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Adoption Information

The adoption took time, but the love arrived instantly...



Important Considerations Prior to Adopting

Adopting a pet and taking responsibility for another life is a huge commitment. It is something that should be carefully considered and not just based on your current situation, but the suitability of the pet well into the future. Here is a list of 10 questions that every adopter should consider prior to adopting. 



The Adoption Process

  • All WARN animals featured are currently available for adoption and in a foster care home awaiting their forever family. We do our best to match our animals with potential adopters and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding one of our pets available for adoption. Please feel free to email your questions to referencing the pets name. 

  • Once you've decided you'd like to meet and potentially adopt an animal, an application form needs to be completed so we can accurately assess whether the pet is suitable to your home and family.

  • The foster carer will review your applications and be in contact with you to discuss this pet further. If you haven't received a response within three days and there is no close date on the application, please let us know. 

  • If it sounds like a great fit an adoption meeting is arranged. This meeting is either conducted on the foster carers premises or in your home, depending on the distance that is needed to travel. If the meeting is conducted in the foster carers home, potential adoptee's will need you to submit our home and yard check form prior to officially adopting:

  • You'll be sent an email with further information in preparation for the day. Letter to potential adopter

  • Its important that all in the family especially children and any current pets, attend the meeting to make sure everyone gets along and is happy with the decision. Its important to take your time, ask plenty of questions and make sure you and all in the family are comfortable and in agreement with the decision.

  • If all want to proceed with the adoption and provided the home yard check is submitted and approved the animal can be adopted and taken home on the day.

  • If you are interested in adopting but not quite ready to take the pet home then we ask that you wait until you are ready to take a pet home before applying to adopt. We do not hold pets and it is expected that those who apply are ready to take a pet home.

  • We do not offer a trial period. If there is any doubt whether the adoption should proceed, its usually not the right decision and trialing to see if it might work and then having to return the pet is unsettling for all involved, especially the animal. WARN will always take an animal back into care and offers a lifetime return at any time on all pets adopted.  


What's included in the Adoption Fee

All animals leave for their forever home up to date with vaccinations, treatments and all necessary vet work. All animals receive a vet check prior to adoption.

Included in the WARN adoption fee:

  • vet health check

  • microchip 

  • vaccination 

  • desexing 

  • lifetime registration for pets over 6 months of age

Extras included in the WARN adoption fee where applicable:

  • dogs over 4 months are heart worm tested and receive a yearly pro-heart injection. 

  • a full blood count. 

  • a dental

  • all pets receive necessary protection from fleas, ticks and intestinal worms and leave for their forever home up to date with all treatments.


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